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Its unfavorable and defeating , producing needless anxiety . Depart the senario tales to TV writers and novelists . just sayin

E visto vuestro reportage y me a gustado mucho en hora buena por esos equipos y salidas al campo nada mas, saludos de rafael.

Obviously, they were being seriously utilized from the CIA in conjunction with its predecessor, the RS-1. Just one reference mentioned that they were routinely secreted Within the walls of chosen apartment developing rooms in eastern Europe to be used by remain-guiding staff just in case the neighborhood went downhill once again. Any of you 05Bravo or 18Echo Vet’s treatment to comment?

“Going thru” the radios: Only to see what kind of shape their internals are in. Lethal curiosity trait of the Engineer. First tubes? Corrosion? Cooked pieces? Day codes? Repairs? In any function, I also put some silicone grease within the panel gaskets and renew the dessicant. Absolutely nothing critical aside from the new RT-three that wanted a switch cleaning (Liquor on a business card) and then fixing a P/S vibrator.

Understanding What’s on them: A lot of insane things comes about in war zones, such as the use of some fairly awful chemicals which will stick to every thing.

set was present in the attic of the setting up inside the city of Tarrenz within the Tirol region of western Austria. That cache incorporated a whole list of encryption/decryption resources (in German) and linked goods In combination with the RS-6 set, massive NiCad batteries and spare parts.

Previously mentioned: The setup I utilized to copy the encrypted CW transmission from Coast Station KSM in Bolinas CA. I copied the M-209 encrypted concept utilizing the GRC-109 with just a simple 40′ wire antenna thrown up within the roof from the constructing. It worked excellent over this 200 mile “NVIS” path. Once again, the ‘109 remaining operated from inside a re-purposed transit circumstance to permit rapid relocating immediately after transmission!

You can discover quite a bit about how the GRC-109 and its family members performed beneath combat ailments by getting them to the sphere and employing them these days. I’m a believer…….

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I agree April 21, 2012 at 7:09 am I concur with ecpaint. I believe it’s just a little presumptious of balbaca to presume that all of us expended our time playing spades rather than preventing a war. Anyone who has long gone in the recent many years think that war is sitting down about and ready. I used to be in Iraq in 05 and In addition to my time in Fallujah, we weren’t even in the vicinity of a DFac.

The extended orange power cord for the panel lets me to maneuver the panel into your Sunlight without having to transfer the tools.

two. Sale to and use/disposition by unauthorized personnel is actually a violation of Operational Rations Security. The prospective for adulteration by unauthorized personnel can be an needless danger introduced from the auction sales of Operational Ration goods to unfamiliar/unauthorized people and this kind of sales might be investigated and terminated.

I find the can opener on my swiss army knife is effective very effectively. The no-frills essential product (2 blade + can & bottle pener/srewdriver,

On the MACV-SOG PTF missions, the boats operated on split transmit/get frequencies on these crystal-controlled CW circuits. It says a good deal about the reliability and ability of such lower powered morse code radio sets in that essential application.

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